I guess you can call me by Jamie, although Paige is fine too (you’ll get bonus points for doing so). I’m seventeen and I’m a senior (please dear lord save me from college apps).

I’m straight, but when you bring up Kayla, I’m like a big gay. I don’t post selfies and if I do it’ll be a miracle. Just imagine that I look like this: (●﹏☉✿)

I live in Florida and you’ll hear me talk about how it’s not even winter when it’s December. I play video games, mostly Assassins Creed and (maybe?) Minecraft (xbox live: paigeturner14)

I’m a dancer of 10+ years (if I add a + it makes it look professional)

I curse like a sailor, forgive me ahead of time

I took guitar for a year, I could seranade you with Angels We Have Heard On High

I’m a big dumb

I have a skype, if you want it just message me (although I don’t do video chats)

Don’t be afraid to talk to me (●﹏☉✿)